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2017 Moscow Moscow Lighting Fair
- Jun 27, 2017 -

Basic Information:

Time: 2017/11/8 to 2017/11/11

Venue: Moscow International Exhibition Center, Moscow

Sponsor: Messe Frankfurt, Germany


Scope of Exhibits:

Range of exhibition

- Lamps and crystal lamps; Emergency lights and safety signs; Floodlights and lighting systems; Special function lights; Floodlights; Underwater lights; Home lighting; Office lighting systems; Installation technology and systems; With lights; all kinds of spotlights and spotlights; lights and traffic lights; other outdoor lights

- chandeliers and crystal lamp accessories; copper casting parts and die casting; other lighting accessories

- fluorescent lamp; energy saving lamp; halogen incandescent lamp; discharge lamp; cable lighting; other light source products

- electronic components; dimming light; halogen lamp transformer; halogen lamp ballast; fluorescent lamp ballast; discharge lamp ballast; starter; switch and socket; wire and terminal

- intelligent lighting system; electroplating materials; optical measuring instruments; lighting design software; professional trade magazine


Moscow International Lighting Fair has been successfully held since the founding of 23 sessions, and has maintained an upward trend. In 2012, the Russian International Lighting and Lighting Technology Exhibition was acquired by the Frankfurt Messe Messe, making the exhibition to the Frankfurt City Architecture + International Lighting Fair, the Argentine Urban Architecture + International Lighting Fair, the Middle East Dubai City Architecture + International Lighting Exhibition direction and development The The exhibition is the first exhibition of the largest professional lighting exhibition in the Eastern European region following the acquisition of Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition and India International Lighting Fair. The exhibition is held in the Moscow Ruby Exhibition Center, the largest in the Eastern European countries , Lighting, lighting products and accessories exhibition. In 2015, the number of professional visitors was 27,458, attracting more than 692 exhibitors to display their own products. The last China Pavilion has become the largest single country pavilion in the exhibition, which proves that the Eastern European market has become the most important emerging target of China's lighting industry, absolutely not to be missed.


Russia's energy-saving emission reduction mission in 2010-2012 has been targeted at -40%. In line with the implementation of this policy, the Russian Federation issued a new decree in July 2009 to encourage the promotion of energy conservation in the field of lighting and ordered a total ban on non-energy Lamps, and plans to increase the electricity standard by € 0.1 per kilowatt. So the Russian market energy-saving products (including LED products) import demand will usher in the growth of blowout. Engaged in energy-saving lamps and LED products business to attach great importance to this trend, and the Russian market as a focus on the development of the object.

It is understood that the current production of light within the Russian manufacturing enterprises less production capacity is relatively low, product technology development and fashion trends and so far can not meet the needs of the Russian market now, which also contributed to the rapid removal of the quota of such products. In the Russian lighting market, high-quality and innovative lighting solutions for the vast majority of imported products, and comply with the implementation of government energy conservation plans, energy-efficient lighting products, the proportion of market acceptance is also growing.

new products :

LED Panel Light With Daylight Sensor Function By White Profile 18W/36W/40W/48W/60W TUV CE

White Aluminum Profile LED Microwave Motion Sensor Panels 18W/6W/40W/48W Light With TUV CE& RoHs

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