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Army plant, you need to understand these situations(II)
- May 23, 2017 -

China: Plant plants are being promoted

 No need for soil, no sunshine, vegetables grow, and quality and yield are better, so the plant is known as the most advanced stage of facility agriculture. In China, the rise and development of plant plants is still relatively short, most of the plant is still in scientific research, testing, demonstration stage.

It is reported that plant plants are generally divided into five, they are in accordance with the development process as follows: Sprout plant plant mushroom, medicinal bacteria plant → leaf vegetable plant → berry, flower plant → Chinese medicine plant. While China's plant plants are generally in the third and fourth level.

At present, in China's Beijing, Shandong, Jiangsu, Fujian and other places have "plant factory" in the production of research and development, planting varieties including lettuce, tomatoes, rape, grapes, okra, pepper and other varieties, as well as some high-grade flowers and seedlings.

By the Beijing Agricultural Machinery Research Institute and Beijing Jingpeng Global Technology Co., Ltd. to establish the Beijing-Peng plant is China's first large-scale plant factories. The plant plant covers an area of nearly 1,300 square meters, divided into four areas: tissue culture seeding area, breeding (refining) Miao area, production harvest area and packaging storage area, with artificial light, solar use, the sun Light and artificial light and other three different models of plant plant production workshop. The grade and level of the Jingpeng plant are now at the international advanced level, and the originality and integration of the technology are particularly high, such as precision nursery production line, transplanting robot, tissue culture technology, picking and harvesting robot.

In 2015, China's first independent research and development, three-dimensional standardization of plant plants - agricultural soil plant plant in Beijing Pinggu District completed and put into operation. In the Beijing Pinggu Ma Fang Industrial Park, the total area of 26,000 square meters of agricultural plants plant is divided into three layers, a layer of cultivation of high-end edible fungus, the second layer of planting wild vegetables, three main planting eggplant vegetables , At the same time both the Internet of modern agricultural application results show that is expected to produce about 7 million kilograms of vegetables and fruits.

Dezhou City, the first plant in Qihe County, the United States and East agricultural technology companies built operations. The plant plant using water and fertilizer integration facilities, vegetables grow in the three-dimensional cultivation rack or plastic foam board, completely soaked in the nutrient solution, plant growth period can be shortened to 30% -40%.

In the south of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, by the Ningbo supply and marketing group invested 10 million yuan to build the "plant DreamWorks" officially put into operation, the plant plant to introduce Japan's advanced solar plant plant system, a year can be harvested 15 -18 times vegetables, mu yield of 16,000 kilograms, according to the current 40 yuan / kg price, the output value of up to 64 million per mu.

Kunming Li Shen New Park Biological Technology Co., Ltd. to build a "cloud on the vegetable" plant. At present, the cloud on the vegetable plant has completed 66 varieties of screening, each month in a dozen varieties of the speed of growth, from the source to ensure the taste of vegetables. At present, the introduction of varieties of plant plants include lettuce, mustard, kiosks, jungle, sesame, spinach, chrysanthemum, etc., local varieties include pea tip, chrysanthemum, local celery, shepherd's purse, amaranth, red onion, etc. Development of Motherwort, Banlangen, leaves with Panax, dandelion, radish (leaf with radish) and other medicinal vegetables.

At the beginning of 2016, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Botany and domestic LED leading enterprises - Fujian Sanan Group Co., Ltd. cooperation LED plant factory project started in Anxi foundation. The project plans a total investment of 7 billion yuan, the headquarters of the annual tax of more than 200 million yuan; 2016 investment 1 billion yuan, 2017 annual investment of 2 billion yuan, after production is expected to achieve output value of 8 billion yuan (2 billion vegetable, Billion, deep processing 3 billion yuan), and will strive to use 5 years or so time to market.

San An Group's core business San An photoelectric master the mature plant growth lighting technology, can be fully applied to vegetables, fruits, flowers and other crops, Chinese herbal medicine and biomedical raw materials production. With the change of China's agricultural industry environment, the urban population brought about by the process of urbanization, the supply of vegetables increased, while the land resources were decreasing. The environmental burden caused by the traditional agricultural production was increasing.

According to incomplete statistics, the Chinese plant plant annual growth scale of 30-40. Up to now, China has built more than 120 plant plants. According to Japan, experts estimate that China's plant is expected to reach the future of Japan's plant more than 10 times the size of the plant.

Investment is relatively high, the cost of the problem to be solved

Plant plants are an important part of modern agriculture, representing the future direction of agricultural development. The breakthrough in plant plant technology will solve many of the bottlenecks faced by human development and can even be achieved in the desert, gobi, island, water and other non-arable land, as well as in the city's skyscrapers for normal production, is considered the 21st century to solve food security , Population, resources, and environmental issues, as well as an important means of achieving food self-sufficiency in the future of aerospace engineering, lunar and other planets.

Plant growth can not be separated from light, moisture, nutrients, the appropriate temperature and so on. As a plant growing plant, the plant plant is essentially an integrated control of these elements. Foreign plant development is relatively mature, but because of the high level of foreign consumption, so its high input can also be used to quickly recover the cost of high consumption. However, the domestic plant factories, many companies reflect the current plant plant investment costs are too high, is not conducive to the promotion.

Plant plant costs are relatively large reasons include two aspects:

First, the input cost is relatively high. The plant is a facility agriculture that requires external hardware such as artificial light sources, nutrient solution equipment and intelligent monitoring systems, as well as intelligent regulation of temperature, humidity and lighting environments, and these facilities are relatively costly.

The second is that maintenance costs are equally high. A general size of the plant plant to build a few hundred thousand dollars or even millions of dollars of investment, maintenance costs need tens of thousands of dollars per month, which to some extent does affect its promotion. For example, to replace the "sun" light system of LED fill light system, not only pre-investment, the latter part of the energy consumption should not be overlooked.

In addition, due to the complex geographical environment and diverse climatic conditions, the light, the temperature, the humidity and the nutrient solution needed for the growth of different crops are different, and the growth demand of the same kind of crops in different times is different. Therefore, in the transformation of results and demonstration level, China also need to establish a typical climate zone plant plant demonstration project.

Although Beijing, Texas, Wuxi, Ningbo, Kunming and other places already have different sizes of plant plant demonstration projects, but these are far from enough. China's urgent need for the establishment of scale scale plant plant demonstration projects, as well as the establishment of a variety of plant species plant plant demonstration project. Demonstration project and the establishment of a year or years through the operation, you can get operating parameters in order to standardize the plant in China, to promote the use of technical support.

In addition, to further achieve the industrialization of plant plants, whether from the technical breakthroughs, standard testing, reduce costs, or marketing and other aspects of consideration, are eager to build collaborative public service platform.

Guangdong Provincial Semiconductor Lighting Industry Joint Innovation Center jointly launched the core technology research, to build the Guangdong modern agriculture (plant factory) application demonstration base, is committed to promoting LED plant lighting products and equipment research and development and demonstration and promotion. In addition, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Agricultural Environment and Sustainable Development has also established a plant plant technology promotion platform. With the further reduction in the cost of application of various technologies, it is foreseeable that in the near future, plant plants will usher in the development of the golden age.  


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