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What's the difference between led crystal plate and led chips?
- Jun 03, 2017 -

I. Introduction

1.led the main raw material for the LED, LED mainly rely on the chip to light. The following are the same as the "

2.led chip is a solid-state LED lighting device, is a P-N knot, it can be directly converted into light. LED heart is an LED lighting chip, one end of the chip attached to a bracket, one end is negative, the other end of the power supply connected to the cathode, so that the entire chip is encapsulated by epoxy resin.


Composition wafer composition: arsenic (AS) aluminum (AL) gallium (Ga) indium (IN) phosphorus (P) nitrogen (N) strontium (Si) several elements of these elements. The following are the same as the "

2.led chip composition: by the gold pad, P pole, N pole, PN junction, back gold layer composition (double pad chip back gold layer) composition.




1) according to the luminous brightness points:

A. General brightness: R H G Y E, etc .; B. High brightness: VG VY SR, etc .; C. High brightness: UG UY UR UYS URF.  D. Visible light (infrared): IR, SIR VIR HIR; E. Infrared receiver tube T; F. Photoelectric tube: PD

2) By the composition of elements:

A. binary chip (phosphorus gallium): H G, etc .; B. ternary wafer (phosphorus gallium arsenic): SR HR UR; C. quaternary wafer (phosphorus gallium indium) : SRF, HRF, URF, VY, HY, UY, UYS, UE, HE, UG.

2.Led chip

1) According to the use of points: high power led chip, low power led chip two;

2) According to the color points: mainly divided into three kinds: red, green, blue (white raw materials);

3) According to the shape points: generally divided into square films, two discs;

4) According to the size points: low-power chip is generally divided into 8mil, 9mil, 12mil, 14mil and so on.



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