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LED street lamp manufacturers products to go through what test?
- Jun 01, 2017 -

LED lights are mainly light source, power supply and radiator composition, the quality of the material and the use of a direct impact on the process of the price of street lamps. Detection from the material point of view, rapid evaluation of LED lamps and other raw materials and technology, identification of LED lighting quality.


(A) whether the certification of lighting related

First need to check whether the relevant certification of lighting is complete.

(B) LED street light quality identification

LED lights are mainly light source, power supply and radiator composition, the quality of the material and the use of a direct impact on the process of the price of street lamps. Detection from the material point of view, rapid evaluation of LED lamps and other raw materials and technology, identification of LED lighting quality.

1.LED lamp full photoelectric performance test

Optoelectronic performance test is to evaluate and reflect the quality of LED lamps and lanterns an important basis for the existence of virtual lights to find the phenomenon.

(3) light intensity distribution; (4) correlated color temperature (CCT); (5) color rendering index (CRI); (6) color coordinates or color (1) total luminous flux; (2) luminous efficiency; (8) input AC or (DC) current; (9) input power DC or (AC); (10) input voltage frequency; (11) power factor. (7) input AC or (DC) voltage;

2.LED lamps core light quality evaluation

LED light source lamp beads detection content:

(1). Lens technology evaluation, packaging glue types, with or without pollutants, air bubbles, air tightness assessment.

(2) phosphor powder coating phosphor coating process evaluation, phosphor particle size, particle size distribution, composition, with or without agglomeration and sedimentation phenomenon. (3) chip chip process evaluation, chip graphics microstructure measurement, defect search, chip contamination identification, with or without leakage, with or without damage. (4). Wire bonding bonding process evaluation, a welding and two welding topography observation, arc height measurement, diameter measurement, lead composition identification.

(5). Solid crystal process of solid crystal process evaluation, solid crystal layer is empty, whether stratified, solid crystal layer composition, solid crystal layer thickness.

(6). Evaluation of scaffold coating process, bracket composition, coating composition, coating thickness, bracket air tightness.

3. LED lighting performance assessment of LED as a new energy-saving lamps, in the lighting process is only 30-40% of the energy into light, the rest of all converted into heat. And LED lamp life and quality and temperature are closely related, lamp beads temperature, shell temperature, cooling temperature will be related to the LED light uniformity and quality of life.

(2). After the lamp reaches the heat balance, the temperature of each component is too high; (3). LED heat dissipation material testing, whether the choice of high specific heat, the use of high-temperature heat treatment, High heat transfer coefficient of heat dissipation material.

4.LED lamps contain substances that are harmful to light sources

LED light source is afraid of sulfur, the failure of more than 50% by the lamp beads silver plating caused by sulfur bromide. LED light source after sulfur bromide chlorination reaction, the product function area will be black, the luminous flux will gradually decline, the color temperature appears drift; in the course of the use of the phenomenon of leakage; more serious situation is completely eroded silver layer, copper Layer of exposure, the ball appeared to fall off, resulting in dead lights. LED lamps which have more than 50 kinds of raw materials, these materials which may also contain sulfur, chlorine and bromine elements. In a closed, high temperature environment, these sulfur, chlorine and bromine elements may evaporate into the gas and corrode the LED light source. Detection of LED lamps and thresils identification report, is to ensure the quality of LED lighting, the key identification of the report.

5.LED power quality identification

LED drive power is the function of the exchange of electricity into the DC for the DC. In the choice and design of LED drive power to consider the reliability, efficiency, power factor, drive mode, surge protection, temperature negative feedback protection and other factors; outdoor lighting LED drive power should be considered waterproof, moisture resistance, requiring its shell to Light, not aging to ensure that the life of the drive power can be matched with the life of the LED. (2) whether the drive power supply can guarantee the characteristics of constant current output, whether it is pure constant current drive mode or constant current constant voltage drive mode; (3) whether it has a separate power supply, Over-current protection, short circuit protection and open circuit protection; (4) power leakage identification: power work, the shell should be no charge phenomenon; (5) ripple voltage detection: no ripple voltage is best, with ripple voltage, the peak (7) power-on output voltage / current: power, the power output should not appear large voltage / current; (8) whether the power surge is in line with the power supply, Related standards, such as: IEC61000-4-5.

(C) chip source identification

Detection of the LED chip database contains a large number of domestic and foreign manufacturers of chip information, data comprehensive, accurate, faster update. Through the search and match, you can confirm the chip model, manufacturers, manufacturers will help improve the quality of lighting products and efficiency.

(D) the appearance of the lamp inspection

The tender documents are usually on the light outside the light material to do the provisions of these provisions will be a detailed inspection.

(1) Appearance inspection: paint color uniform, no pores, no cracks, no impurities; coating must be tightly adhere to the base material; LED lighting parts of the chassis surface should be smooth, smooth, should not be scratched, Cracks, deformation and other defects;

(2) Size inspection: Dimensions should meet the requirements of the drawings;

(3)Material inspection: the use of lamps and components of the material and its structural design should meet the requirements of the drawings;

(4)Assembly inspection: the fixture surface of the fastening screws should be tightened, the edge should be no burr and sharp edges, the connection should be firmly without loosening.

(5) waterproof detection

LED lights for outdoor lighting street lights, to a few meters to ten meters in the air area to use, street lights replacement, maintenance are extremely difficult to require a good waterproof and dustproof performance. Therefore, the street lamp waterproof and dustproof grade is particularly important.

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