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Los Angeles to join hands with Philips Lighting to explore the role of intelligent road lighting in smart city construction
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Global Lighting Leader Philips Lighting Announces Participation in Los Angeles City's Smart Connected Road Lighting Pilot Project to Promote Public Safety and Urban Services to Create New Applications for Residents, Visitors and Local Businesses.


Los Angeles has a large network of intelligent interconnection lights, Philips Lighting for its new Internet of things networking technology and features, through the street lights equipped with sensors and software to collect and analyze the data. The analysis results will help enhance the transparency of urban operations and drive the development of new smart city applications.

For example, the newly introduced acoustic sensors and ambient noise monitoring sensors can detect vehicle collision events and provide timely information to the city emergency communications system to help the police, fire and emergency departments reduce response time and early rescue of patients. At present, the city of Los Angeles has more than 200,000 sets of street lights, in the city roads, highways, tunnels and sidewalks for the public to provide the service.

"The lighting infrastructure in Los Angeles is one of the most important assets in the world, and the reliability of the intelligent interconnected lighting system covers all types of public places, for people's lives, work, travel, shopping, Dining and social networking, "said Ed Ebrahimian, director of the Los Angeles Streetlight Administration. "If every street can collect the surrounding environmental data and make full use of the entire street network will be able to provide the people with more rich value.


"Intelligent interconnection lighting system is constantly escalating, is fundamentally changing the way the city operates. Street lights are becoming an important information node, it can collect, share data, the use of analytical results to effectively promote the development of smart city," Philips Lighting Professional System Global Industry manager Susanne Seitinger said. "As a pioneer in the wisdom of the city, Los Angeles City is committed to promoting citizen, community and city interaction through technological innovation."

In 2015, the Los Angeles Street Light Administration began deploying the Philips CityTouch Smart Connected Road Lighting Management System. The system uses the existing mobile network and cloud technology to monitor and control the operation of the street lights, the analysis of the energy consumption of each set of lights. The new pilot project will be expanded on this basis, incorporating more sensors, testing new applications, and making urban infrastructure investments more effective.


The pilot project will be implemented in 2016 to evaluate new sensor-based applications, including:

Environmental noise monitoring

By adding new noise sensor modules to the Philips CityTouch street lights, continuous acquisition of noise data helps the city management and planning team to more easily monitor, aggregate and visualize the ambient volume in different areas. The data collected will be used to monitor noise pollution, ensure rapid response to noise complaints, and ultimately improve urban long-term planning decisions.

"We do not know much about the way in which public noise is spread, and Dietmar Offenhuber, an assistant professor at Northeastern University in the United States, says that" installing a sound sensor on a streetlight will break through existing limitations and interpret the city Through large data analysis, we are able to understand the way cities interact with each other.

Grid performance monitoring

Philips CityTouch street lights help a wide range of continuous access to key grid operating parameters to help public lighting management to assess the quality of power supply. At the same time, through these public data, grid managers can quickly learn about power outages, speed up the recovery process, reduce the residents and business inconvenience.

Improve street lamp maintenance

The Smart Connected Lighting System provides the Los Angeles Street Light Administration with data on lamp operation, improved maintenance plans and cost savings. In the future, it can be combined with grid operation information to achieve more advanced maintenance mode.   



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