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Why LED lighting is the best choice for urban metro traffic lighting
- May 26, 2017 -

Subway is the use of electricity transport, is also a real power king, the current global energy crisis is increasing, environmental pollution problems are more and more serious, energy saving and consumption of subway traffic has become very important, and LED Is the subway lighting energy saving the best choice.

First, the status and prospects of subway lighting;

1, the construction of subway city, operating mileage is long, the development speed, subway lighting market is huge. It is understood that under construction or in line with the construction of subway projects in the city more and more, (the State Council approved the construction of the subway is generally based on three indicators to measure: the city population of 300 million or more, GDP in more than 100 billion, local fiscal general budget income 100 More than one.) Line city subway construction is greater. The current operation of the subway city has more than 10 cities in the north, such as Guangshen, there are more than 40 cities under construction or construction. In 2015, the domestic subway operating line 97, mileage of 3087km, 2023 stations. It is estimated that by 2020, 177 rail transit lines will be built with a total length of 6100 km and the total investment will reach 1156.8 billion yuan. Which will produce a large number of LED lighting products demand.


Looking around the world, subway lighting market to expand several times. The world's existing 62 countries established urban rail transit, only operating more than 32,600 km line. Which subway mileage, accounting for one-third.


2, subway lighting upgrade market. LED lighting in 2008, the initial application of subway lighting, only in recent years the new subway using LED lighting. 2015, only the Beijing Metro plans to use LED lights to replace the number of traditional lighting reached 100,000.

led subway lamps.jpg

Second, the subway lighting design requirements:


1, energy efficient: lighting system accounted for 13% of the total power consumption of subway power system, subway lighting average energy consumption 26w / m? 2 ;, far higher than the national standard of other places 6w / m? 2, energy-saving transformation of a huge power.


2, stable and reliable, long life: in the ground, high density, lighting a long time, strength, reliability of the lamp, high stability requirements, long life requirements.


3, lighting points multi-level: entrance channel, station hall, platform, car, track, due to natural light, flow density, comfort and other factors to consider, the demand for lighting is not the same.


4, the design of complex, limited: subway system, including strong and weak systems, fire systems, operating systems, monitoring systems, exhaust systems, lighting design not only need lighting effects and human feelings, need to take care of other subsystems.


5, highlight the artistic, cultural and urban style: subway environment decoration more  prominent features and style of the city, lighting design and environmental decoration style consistent, from the role of contrast against the background.


6, strong earthquake resistance: the subway car has a certain vibration, the station and the station in the train after the shock.

led subway. lightjpg.jpg

Third, LED lighting is the first choice for subway lightin:

1, subway power distribution system is complex, frequent fluctuations in voltage, lamp operating voltage range, lighting more stable, LED lamps can be done 100-240V, 85-265V.

2, subway lighting is used in a closed space, lamp work time is relatively long, are generally more than 17 hours. Traditional lighting in this environment, a lot of light failure, LED bare light source can be 5000H no light failure, the whole lamp heat treatment can achieve the basic 5000H light failure less than 1%.

3, the lamp of the repeated maintenance, will give the subway operation to bring a huge workload, LED has more than 50,000 hours of stable life; and can be designed to facilitate the maintenance mode, is the first choice for subway lighting.

4, electromagnetic interference on the subway within the communications equipment will be affected, especially in the vicinity of the train running position, to avoid electromagnetic interference is very important. Excellent program design can be LED lamps generated by the electromagnetic interference control is very low.

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