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LED headlamps will become a new growth point of automotive lighting technology
- May 26, 2017 -

According to automotive market research firm just-auto online intelligent service QUBE automotive analysts said the traditional automotive halogen headlamps will continue to dominate the global QE accessories market.


It is understood that the accessories in 2015 more than 80%, the total number of automotive headlights up to 73 million. Analysts claim that halogen lamps are still the industry's leading headlight technology solutions.


However, just-auto analysts argue that the number of headlights will grow by nearly 35% to 99 million due to the growth in the industry (TIV), although the share rate will fall to around 75% by 2030.


Despite the loss of part of the market share, the performance of the halogen lamp 2015 to 2030 compound annual growth rate will be reduced to 2%, slightly lower than the industry total 2.6% compound annual growth rate.


According to just-auto research shows that LED will become a new growth point of automotive headlamp technology. LED headlamps will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 16.2%, and by 2025 will lead to the success of the technology beyond the market of bi-xenon headlamps.


Just-auto analysts believe that the future will be more and more use of LED headlamps of the main driving factors to a large extent depends on the cost of xenon lamp. In contrast, the cost of LED lights is low, better performance and high reliability. It is estimated that LED global penetration will increase from 2.5% in 2015 to about 17% in 2030.


In terms of the region, as in the case of xenon lamps, Europe and Japan are expected to take the lead in applying LED lights to automotive lighting. Just-auto expects European LED penetration to increase from about 6% in 2015 to one-third of 2030, while Japan's LED penetration will be 7% and 40%, respectively.

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In addition, just-auto analysts believe that laser lighting is expected to be the next major technological leap. According to BMW, compared to LED, laser lighting technology can provide 5 times the light intensity, and power consumption is only half of the LED. At present, only the BMW i8 and the new 7 series car front lights using laser lighting technology, and Audi in the limited edition R8 LMX car used in this technology is provided by the OSRAM. Market watchers believe that the use of laser lighting technology, a limiting factor is the US regulatory authorities have not approved the technology. Once the technology is approved, even if LED is the fastest growing technology, it is expected that the car headlamps will also be dominated by halogen lamps.

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