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The 13th Shanghai International LED Exhibition
- Jun 20, 2017 -

Global LED industry "vane" event

The 13th Shanghai International LED Exhibition

Time: 20-22 September 2017 Location: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (Longyang Road 2345)


LED Linear light applied in hotel hall.jpg

Introduction to the exhibition:

Exhibition Name: 2017 The 13th Shanghai International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA 2017)

Exhibition date: 20-21 September 2017

Venue: Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center (2345 Longyang Road)

Sponsor: Guangzhou Wenxin Exhibition Service Co., Ltd


- Overseas buyers have been in more than 130 countries for 8 consecutive years


LED China, is the world's first to create the first LED industry special exhibition, after 13 years of cultivation and development, the brand has been known around the world, and the industry recognized as the industry development of the "benchmark" is the industry manufacturers and buyers preferred exhibition every year.


2016 part of the well-known exhibitors:

Chau Ming, Lian Jian, Ai Bisen, Li Yade, Desaiide color, crystal Taiwan, Lei Ling, Chuang Xian, Lu Sheng, easy to up, Fuk / Mai Rui, strong giant color, Huajie, Han Chong , As the only Austrian video, Hida, Xi'an Qingsong, Konka, as Cheng, Sheng card, as Sirish Asahi, Nova, color easy to reach, excellent landscape complex, Chuang Si special, Mingwei, blue, Sheng, Hong Pa, the United States, a joint, Huaxin, Guoying, Lai Diya, Leite, Hong name (billion light), smooth, easy to pass, Pakistan, Guangxiang. (In no particular order, space is limited, not detailed)


LED linear lights application.jpg


LED lights / tunnel lights / landscape lights / solar LED lights and other outdoor LED lighting

LED fluorescent / spotlights / bulb lights / downlights and other LED indoor lighting

LED lights / star lights / curtains / waterfall lights / Christmas lights and other LED decorative lights

LED car lights / traffic lights / mining lamps / plant lights

LED lighting accessories and control systems

LED advertising light source / LED neon lights

LED display

LED display control system and kit


LED backlight

LED chip / epitaxial wafer / epitaxial wafer and related substrate

LED package and supporting materials

Dispenser / solid crystal machine / wire machine / cutting machine and other LED manufacturing equipment

Color separation machine / spectrophotometer / spectrum detector and other LED test equipment

OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) / LD (Laser Diode) / EL (Cold Light Source) / Laser Sensor, etc.

best selling products:

120cm 240W LED Linear High Bay

1.2 Meters Continuous Line Lighting System For Supermarket Warehouse 130lm/W LED Continuous Linear Lighting System

1.2m High Brightness Seamless-joint Office Linear Module Lighting Fixtures

1.2m Single Flat Oil Station Pendant Linear Lamp

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