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Shanghai 90th China Electronics Show
- Jun 29, 2017 -

The 90th China Electronics Show in Autumn

Time: October 25, 2017 - 27 days

Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Exhibition size: 60000 square meters, 1,300 exhibitors, 60,000 buyers and professional visitors

Held at the same time: 2017 Asian Electronics Show


China International Semiconductor Fair

Sponsor: China Electronic Equipment Corporation

Sponsor: CLP Exhibition and Information Communication Co., Ltd

Co - organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association

            Korea Electronics Industry Promotion Association Japan Electronics Show Association

            China Electronic Components Industry Association China Electronic Instrument Industry Association

            Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Industry Association China Semiconductor Industry Association

            China Electronic Quality Management Association China Electronic Equipment Industry Association

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Show range:

    Electronic equipment, electronic components, electronic manufacturing equipment, winding equipment, power adapter, automation equipment, SMT, semiconductor devices and equipment, instrumentation, wiring harness processing equipment, photoelectric display, electronic tools, dispensers, laser applications and Equipment, optoelectronic devices, LED display, power supply batteries, new sensors, embedded systems, printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, microelectronics, wire and cable, wiring harness and connectors, consumer electronics, communications equipment, communications terminals and accessories.

    We will invite you to the strength of buyers: CEF held 45 years to accumulate a huge database of professional buyers, the audience invited targeted. Unique buyers organization channels: the national ministries and commissions organized by the central demand side, overseas cooperatives organized by international buyers. At present, a large number of aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, communications, radio and television, shipbuilding, weather, automotive, nuclear industry and other fields of professional visitors will visit the show.

Exhibition area setting:

 W1 Asia Electronics Show: 2017 Asia Electronics Show (AEES), Smart Hardware, Smart Home System, Internet of Things and Smart Cities, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

 W2 Hall Components Hall: passive components, semiconductor discrete devices, integrated components and other exhibitions

 W3 hall equipment and equipment: electronic equipment and intelligent manufacturing, instrumentation, shell, electronic tools, connectors, special components, etc.

 W4 Museum of the new electronics: charging pile, power battery, BMS, electronic transformers, embedded, intelligent manufacturing, integrated circuits and distributors and other exhibition

 W5 Hall IC CHINA2017: National large-scale integrated circuit manufacturing equipment and complete sets of major achievements, IC design, IC support, packaging and testing, IC applications and other exhibition

Exhibitors benefit:

1. With the global electronics manufacturing, supporting the Yangtze River Delta region of the electronics manufacturing enterprises to grow together;

2. Access to the Yangtze River Delta region's most influential industry and the final decision-making enterprises, the strength of buyers and R & D engineers;

3. To obtain a wide range of high-density strong publicity, expand more business opportunities;

4. At home and abroad with the industry leading manufacturers on the same stage show, learn technology;

5. Through the authority of the forum to publish or listen to industry-oriented, market trends, cutting-edge technology and other hot topics, sharing experience.

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