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Philips Lighting set up intelligent home lighting experience area to lead the lighting store consumer experience new model
- Jul 07, 2017 -

China, Shanghai - Global Lighting Leader Philips Lighting (Amsterdam Euronext: LIGHT) announced that it has opened a smart home lighting experience area in over 100 Philips Fashion Lighting Hall across the country to showcase its Philips Hue Smart Connected Home Lighting Products, and through intelligent interconnection control, virtual reality (VR) simulation and other immersion experience, so that consumers feel the smart home to bring different lifestyles.

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As one of the world's leading intelligent interconnected lighting systems, Philips Hue has been leading the innovation in the field of smart home, emphasizing the importance of intelligent interconnection technology for lighting experience and quality of life, as well as intelligent interconnection lighting, which is one of the most widely used applications in smart home. Enhance, "Philips lighting consumer channel general manager Xia Xiaojun said. "We are confident that Chinese consumers, who have led the Internet consumer, are very happy to try new things, and we look forward to more customers coming to the Philips Smart Home Lighting Experience Zone to experience the unexpected smart home scene.


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Philips Hue Smart Home Lighting Experience Zone will showcase a full range of intelligent lighting products, including bulbs, lanterns, portable magic lights, ceiling lamps, downlights, floor lamps and bridges, fully meet the rich needs of home lighting. Consumers can experience the application of Philips Hue through mobile app (App), geographic fence and other means in the area, to understand more than 600 kinds of applications to enhance the life of intelligent home. In addition to direct experience of a variety of user-friendly intelligent operation, consumers can immerse themselves in the real home environment, intuitive feel intelligent interconnected lighting for the convenience of life. With VR technology, consumers "in the application of the Philips Hue series of products in a variety of different application scenarios, feel the Philips Hue created by the light charm.


Since its inception in 2014, Philips Hue has been growing in China's consumer experience and user experience. Not only in the hardware on the introduction of domestic consumption for the white atmosphere of the lamp series of products in the application development to promote the use of Chinese users to set the scene and procedures finished, but also increased the fashion lighting Museum, digital products integrated store and other physical experience center, Help to enhance the consumer experience, faster and more direct introduction to consumers Philips Hue new technology and new applications.


In line with the Philips Lighting advocate the development trend of intelligent Internet lighting, the future more Philips Fashion Lighting Museum will set up intelligent home lighting experience area, while enhancing the consumer experience, to promote intelligent Internet home into more families, for people to create home and light A blend of beautiful chapters.

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