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Design of Lighting System for Ambient and Compliant LED Street Light
- Jul 12, 2017 -

The design elements of the system (1) make full use of wind energy, solar renewable energy, to ensure that all year round uninterrupted power supply.

(2) Applicable environmental working conditions: Temperature -15 ~ 45C Relative humidity 95%; Rain and coastal salt spray; Wind speed 330m / S; Instantaneous limit wind speed 40m / S; Total solar radiation 150kca / cm2; ) Stability protection: smooth operation, safe and reliable, in unattended conditions can be used around the clock.

(4 no electromagnetic interference: wind turbines and their charging controller will not have harmful electromagnetic impact on the surrounding environment.

(5 product quality assurance: wind turbine design, manufacture, product quality implementation of national and industry-related standards, product quality assurance system in line with the provisions of the standard.

led linear dimming case.jpg

Standard specification, GB / T14009 solar cell module parameter measurement method 6. (7 battery in line with national standards GB13337. GB / T14009 solar cell module parameters, 191 fixed lead-acid battery requirements, and has been obtained GB / T15481 certification of the testing agency testing. 

The total power of the system P = 60W / 85% = 71W, for the inverter and power supply line efficiency. 

The rated power of the wind turbine is P, the rated capacity of the solar cell board is P2, and the capacity of the battery pack is C. According to the natural resource condition of the installation of the street lamp location: the maximum continuous time for the wind turbine and the solar cell module can not generate electricity at the same time is 3d; The maximum continuous time that the battery module can not generate electricity is 12d; the maximum continuous time that the wind turbine can not generate electricity is 6d.3 The storage side of the battery pack is 24 hours a day; according to the actual specifications of the battery and minimize the number of batteries, Take C = 340Ah, the actual configuration for the C = 2V / 340Ah battery 12 x1 group. 

4 Determination of wind power in the solar cells can not generate electricity in the weather, usually continuous rainy days, when the wind speed and duration are significantly more than the average annual wind speed and time, according to the weather information and the site of the natural environment, The four-stage wind in this period is based on the specifications of the wind turbine and the actual installation and use reliability, MPSQW. The actual configuration is: 1 WV-02-350W wind turbine. 

EV-02 series of wind turbines have mechanical automatic clutch system, out of the traditional wind turbine start the wind demanding high winds, making in a small wind conditions can start the wind turbine, the wind blade to get a certain speed and inertia , The clutch system automatically starts to drive the generator power generation, greatly improving the wind turbine 

power generation efficiency, doubling the wind turbine working hours. EV-02 series of wind turbines with autonomous yaw system, in the case of little wind can take the initiative to the wind facing the wind direction to get the maximum windward area, improve the efficiency of wind turbines.

5 Determination of solar cell power in the wind turbine can not generate electricity in the weather, usually continuous sunny day, and the daily sunshine hours is much higher than the average annual sunshine hours, according to weather data and the site of the natural environment, take 6h / A. Solar cell specifications and installation of convenient and beautiful, take P2 = 200W, the actual configuration: 100Wx2 block.

6 equipment selection equipment selection as shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Equipment Selection Equipment Name Model Specification Unit Quantity Wind Turbine Wind Scalar Complementary Controller Table Lamp Roof Root Solar Panel Battery Only Solar Battery Stand Set 7 Road Light Rod Design Wind Turbine and Solar Cell Module is a sign of wind and solar street lights Combination, to ensure that wind turbines and solar modules can be smooth and safe operation, but also with the diversification of street lamp poles, wind and solar street lights should be designed for the vertical pole. The wind turbine is located at the top of the poles and the solar modules are located in the middle of the poles. 

led linear dimming lamps.jpg

The strength of the poles should be designed in accordance with the requirements of urban road lighting construction and acceptance, the technical requirements for small wind turbines, and the natural frequency of wind turbines. typhoon. The height of the poles should be determined by the geographical location of the installation site to ensure that the use of wind turbines is not affected. The installation of solar modules is generally not subject to interference with the wind turbine blades, while ensuring that the solar modules are not blocked by the poles. The installation height of the fixture is determined according to the illumination of the design requirements.

8 Conclusion wind energy, solar energy are pollution-free, inexhaustible renewable energy, small and medium-sized wind power and solar photovoltaic systems in China has been the initial application. Wind power and solar photovoltaic power generation perfect combination of the two new energy for the large-scale, industrialization, market-oriented laid the foundation. Early small and medium-sized wind turbine applications in remote areas, natural conditions, low cost, modeling does not require aesthetics, technical requirements are not high. Into the economically developed areas of use, relatively poor natural conditions, lower industrialization, high technical requirements, the cost is relatively high, modeling requirements aesthetic. With the regional differences in environmental and demand differences, the wind and solar power generation technology requirements, such as low wind speed start, low voltage storage, strong typhoon, salt spray corrosion, intelligent control and a series of technologies continue to put on Development process. In the country's strong support and scenery complementary street lamp system technology is improving on the basis of the future people will be on the street, the road will see a row of scenery complementary lights

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