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How to do well the LED lighting channel
- Jul 20, 2017 -

In the present market, still very short of good products, especially to let everyone and products. If you stand in the seller's point of view, you will find that the reason for this is that the real scarcity is the channel, the channel is always scarce, the past is, now is, the future is more. No age, lighting channels like the LED age so that manufacturers love and hate. Love it, because it has a broad market potential and fantasy space, hate it, because of its endless operation difficulty, ups and downs of the market, weak and disorderly dealer camp.

Do not make channels, is certainly not good, in the past few years Shenzhen Enterprise died very embarrassed is the obvious example. Do, how to do? Also divides the channel into the provincial generation, the distribution, the engineering, the hardware, the Ultra, the exportation, the electricity quotient seven modules? Or a alternative?

 If it is a provincial generation, how much is the sales volume of one years appropriate? How much inventory is appropriate? Do you need to shop? Is it cash or monthly? These problems run traditional lighting products, of course, but the problem is relatively small. LED prices relatively high (rubbish products do not say), the total generation or stores of product funds are still relatively many, not everyone can afford to open.

 Of course, the problem is not here. The problem is, led prices are falling (now better), your inventory will continue to depreciate, this loss who can not afford! No one is willing to bear it even if he can afford it. Manufacturers do not want to bear, businessmen do not want to bear. Business is to make money, how can you do a loss of business?

 How to do the LED lighting Channel 1. jpg

If that is the case, can production be made by order? is zero inventory OK? Production by order of course can, but even businesses do not do inventory, how can there be decent orders? Zero inventory is a joke. If you do not inventory, do you still call wholesale? Even retail to prepare reasonable inventory, not to mention wholesale!

 Can you make a reasonable inventory? Reasonable inventory is of course ideal, but reasonable inventory is also risky Ah!

 Of course, we have to admit that there is a risk of doing any business, but this risk is not led stock depreciation so obvious!

 There are two other modes of thinking. One kind, the factory proposes voluntarily, the stock depreciation firm undertakes the risk jointly. This is of course a happy one (too cautious we don't talk about it). Also has the heroic dry cloud manufacturer to the dealer promises: "Boldly to do, once the stock depreciation loss count me!" ”

 But we believe that the assurances are irrational or unsuitable for most people. Business, the most rational choice is the benefit of sharing, the risk of sharing.

 The depreciation of inventories, objectively resulting in the entire industry's cautious (except for rich and naively), so that the industry's market pace is much slower. Also caused some of the great losses and the loss of enterprises.

 Can have this kind of development thinking, try to let inventory not depreciate against appreciation? It looks like a myth, but it's definitely possible. A few days ago with the Crown Ya Chen Shaozhong communication, he told the author, Crown Jas dealers dare to prepare inventory, is because the table lamp is not in the devaluation, but in appreciation.

 Once, as a light source of the LED, its depreciation is almost a trend, unless the raw materials such as this year have a major reversal, as a lamp led, can be in the material, craft or other added value to make it value and maintain.

 At the same time, as a general lighting products led, its depreciation is a trend, can only continue to highlight its cost-effective. On this issue, Linsen, Buddha, rectangular, NVC are sober.

 But in the long run, keeping the relative stability of LED products is very important to promote channel construction. A surprised at first glance, ups and downs, will be led industry channel construction fatal mishap.