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On the development trend of LED industry, these big areas are optimistic!
- Jul 21, 2017 -

LED future development trend is what appearance, which areas are more optimistic, together to listen to the industry in this expert how to say! The development trend of LED industry!

Now serving at the University of California, Santa Barbara, two, in 2014, with Chi-Yong, Amano Hao 2 Japanese scholars won the Nobel Prize, the official prize was "the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diode, the creation of bright and energy-saving white light source."

Nakamura was elected the honorary academician of Taichung Institute last year and was issued a badge yesterday by Lio Jun Zhi, dean of Taichung Institute. Lio Jun Zhi, President of Taichung Institute, said that the second was a true scientific hero, providing a good example for young scientists. After the second meeting of the Chinese village, it also takes his own life course as an example to suggest that young people should find their favorite things and not just think about entering a prestigious school.

In his speech, Nakamura said led light-emitting efficiency is more than 10 times times the incandescent lamp, can significantly reduce energy consumption, in the current statistical data, the use of LED lighting to replace traditional lighting, if in Japan, can save 7 nuclear power plant capacity; 19 seats in the United States; about 17 in China. and led life of up to 30-50 years, can be long-term stability to provide lighting, in the short term will not have any recovery problems.

For the current led market seems saturated, profits continue to decline, many companies want to find the next blue ocean where. microled, laser lighting and light Internet technology (LIFI) is the future direction of LED development, but he also said that to overcome technology restrictions and popularization, still need time.

After the meeting, the reporter will mention that led development so far, there are many applications that he had not anticipated, such as Taichung Institute has been a scholar to isolate cancer cells. Now he is fully engaged in laser lighting research, related applications are still in the initial stage, the current life can be seen only in the headlights, but he believes that the future will have a chance, and can replace the LED. 

Press conference after the meeting, was asked about LED lighting is vigorously promoted, whether there will be a potential recovery problem? Nakamura two jokingly said that the LED can be used for 30-50 years, consider the recycling of resources is a long time later, even if to consider, probably is the recycling of precious metals.

Another two favored by the village is the Wireless optical communication Technology "LI-FI", that is, using LED or laser as the medium of data transmission. In the near future, the office of the lamp will be the base station, projected into the interior, so that computers, home appliances connected to the Internet.

Nakamura said that the use of LED LI-FI, transmission data than Wi-Fi faster than 10 times times, laser Li-fi faster on a hundredfold. Another key is that Wi-Fi has a wide range of restrictions, a certain area of the number of users, upload download will appear very card, Li-fi is not limited.

"The Taiwanese may feel that Wi-Fi is very good, but the future li-fi will make the transmission faster and download movies without waiting," said Nakamura. Densely populated areas such as the metropolitan area of mainland China, Li-fi will be a great boon.