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Magnetic power LED lights, bring you the greatest safety!
- Jul 24, 2017 -

The development of science and technology is changing our life, but also enrich our life! Perhaps your side also has such a love to ride a bicycle person, then these a newly developed led warning lights will bring him more safety and security!

For friends who often like to ride a bike, it is really important to protect your own safety during the day or night riding. Now in the city, all kinds of roads are full of cars, and if you can install an LED warning light on the car, you can allow pedestrians and vehicles to see themselves and avoid accidents.

And now there are a of Kickstarter on the phone called the CIO of the bicycle lights aroused our attention. This CIO bicycle lamp does not need batteries and is fully powered by magnetic energy and has been successfully supported by more than 1000 people. 

The CIO's bike light is very bright, using not only batteries, but also waterproof, can shine in the process of cycling.

The CIO installation is also easy, directly fixed on the front fork of the bicycle, and there are anti-theft properties, equipped with stainless steel cable, very strong, without fear of loss.

 Magnetic power LED lights

The CIO is not primarily a lighting role, but a warning reminder, so in the process of use is only intermittent flicker, not steady state. Even if the bike stops, CIOs can also work automatically through the standby system without any extra control

CIOs do not need day-to-day care, and have passed rigorous environmental tests, so they can continue to work in harsh environments. At the same time the CIO uses the magnetic system to power, so no battery, no pollution to the environment. 

It uses the system name called Reemount, has already applied for a patent, can let us install in a few minutes.

At present, the CIO bicycle warning light has begun to Kickstarter on the public, the target is 250,000 Danish krone, early bird price of USD (about 289 yuan), if all goes well, is expected to ship in October 2017. 

With the help of the CIO, we don't have to worry about the trouble of charging bicycle lights, but also the safety of cycling at night. Now let's enjoy the night ride.