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Precautions for use of LED solar lamps
- Jul 27, 2017 -

As a new energy source, solar cells are first applied to lighting fixtures in civil areas. At present, in the western Bright Project, not the main road solar street lamps, solar garden lights and solar lawn lights, solar decorative lights and other applications have gradually formed the scale. In the design of solar lighting, it involves many factors, such as light source, solar cell system and battery charge and discharge control, any one of which will cause defects in the product. In this paper, the external characteristics of solar cells, battery charging and discharging control, solar lighting lamps and lanterns often make the LED and three-color efficient energy-saving lamps to compare, analysis of their advantages and disadvantages and use occasions. At the same time, aiming at the existing problems of solar energy lamp circuit design in the market, an improved method is proposed. Because of its unique advantages, solar lamp has been developed rapidly in recent years. Lawn lamp power is small, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high mobility requirements, in addition, circuit laying difficult, waterproof requirements, the above requirements make the solar energy supply of the lawn lamp shows many unprecedented advantages. Especially the foreign market for solar lawn lamp than other products demand is very huge. 2002, only in Guangdong and Shenzhen to produce solar energy solar lawn lamp consumption to reach 2MW, equivalent to the domestic solar cell production of 1/3, this year still maintain a strong momentum of development, which is not expected. Solar garden lights are widely used in parks, living quarters and non-major traffic roads. At the same time, because the development is too fast, some products are not mature technically, there are many defects in the selection of light source and circuit design, which reduces the economy and reliability of the product and wastes many resources. In view of the above problems, this paper puts forward their own views, for the production of solar lighting factory reference.

led waterproof panel light.jpg

1 The characteristic of the LED is close to the stable diode, the working voltage changes 0.1V, the working current may change around 20mA. In order to be safe, the use of series current limiting resistors in general, the great energy loss is obviously not suitable for solar lawn lamp, and led brightness varies with the operating voltage. The use of a step-up circuit is a good way, can also use a simple constant current circuit, in short, must automatically limit the flow, otherwise it will damage the LED.

2 General led peak current 50~100ma, reverse voltage around 6V, pay attention to do not exceed this limit, especially in the solar cell reverse connection or battery no-load, boost circuit peak voltage is too high, it is likely to exceed this limit, damage led.

3 The LED temperature is not good, temperature rises 5 , luminous flux drops 3%, summer use should pay attention to.

4 The work voltage dispersion is big, the same model, the same batch of LED working voltage have certain difference, unfavorable use in parallel. Must be used in parallel, should consider the flow.

5 Super bright white LED color temperature is 6400k~30000k. At present, the low color temperature of the super bright White LED has not yet entered the market, so the use of super bright white LED solar lawn light penetration capacity is poor, so in the optical design to pay attention to.

UL led panel lights.jpg

6 Electrostatic to super bright white LED effect is very big, in the installation to have anti-static facilities, workers to wear anti-static wrist. Ultra-bright white led by electrostatic damage may not be visible at the time, but the service life will be shortened.

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