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GE: The light bulb exits the history stage, the LED lamp full play!
- Jul 28, 2017 -

The rapid development of science and technology has also made the replacement speed of products faster! Recently, for the lighting industry, a big news is about saving light bulbs to quit the historical stage, replaced by LED lights! 

US bulb lamp Manufacturers ge (singular) plans to suspend the province's light bulb (CFL), the U.S. market will be fully discontinued, is expected to complete the end of the CFL market to sprint the LED bulb, GE's current LED bulb market is still lagging behind Cree (Ke Rui), Osram (Osram), Philips (Philips), the legal person is expected to be again this year's manufacturers to promote sales, to Taiwan, led prices will not be easy to rise, but shipments are expected to increase.LED Panle.jpg

Legal person said that the international lighting factory last year to play a shocking promotional price, that is, in order to accelerate the CFL lights out of the market, will be the price of a Shing with the provincial light bulb, and then rely on LED lights province power to force back CFL, it is expected that GE's announcement this month that the North American market will no longer supply CFL would prompt other brands to follow suit, and this year's led market penetration rate will be able to jump again, but because the price is depressed more commercial lighting stocks, such as Tang Shi (4972), Rade grams (5230).

Lighting brand Factory for the sprint LED bulb penetration rate, will push low-cost LED bulbs to expand general lighting, the benefit of the annual LED lamp shipments continue to increase, but the price is easy to fall, the legal person pointed out that although the terminal prices continue to decline, but the manufacturers through the cost of reducing the gross margin to stabilize, in addition, the market application surface expansion, conducive to high unit price products such as Flip chip (cladding), CSP (wafer-level package) shipments and penetration rate, help this year's production value slowly out of the bottom.

LED factory February revenue will be affected by the Lunar New Year work days, but March will be expected to restart the momentum of growth; legal person expected this year led backlight market is expected to get out of the bottom, because the brand TV inventory of low water level will start inventory replenishment, coupled with the new type of listing, is expected this quarter LED backlight performance Loudi 2nd quarter gradually strengthened. In particular, this year's Brazilian Olympic Games and the European Cup and other international competitions in the second half of the debut, will help stimulate television sales, but the Korean OLED TV price reduction will produce crowding effect, affect high-brightness LED backlight goods.

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