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Philips LED Lighting China brings a bright color to the riverfront Yellow River bridge
- Sep 11, 2017 -

As a new landmark of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, the river bridge across the Yellow River, the main city of Yinchuan and the riverfront new area of the traffic arteries. Philips Lighting Dynamic LED building lighting for the bridge decorated with a multicolored lighting effect. At night, the water curtain pouring down from the bridge deck shows a neon color under the light ornament, and the scene is magnificent and spectacular. 

With the help of Philips color Kinetics technology, the riverfront Yellow River Bridge presents a unique architectural beauty. Philips Color kinetics up to 16.7 million color changes for the bridge to create a brilliant architectural lighting effect. 

Compared with the traditional light source, the new Philips LED lighting system has a longer life, saving up to 75% of energy consumption and saving expenses for operation and maintenance.

led strip.jpg

Riverside Yellow River Bridge length of 6587 meters, two-way 8 lanes, the main bridge for the three-tower four-span structure, tower height of 98 meters, the maximum span of 218 meters, is the world's largest span of multi-tower continuous steel composite composite beam self-anchored suspension bridge. In April 2016, the bridge was officially opened for 28 months. April 2017, Riverside Yellow River bridge lighting installation completed.

led lights.jpg

Project Details:

About Project: Marakawa River Yellow River bridge project by the Shanghai Municipal Research Institute of the General design of the bridge courtyard.

Project Lighting Design: Marakawa River Yellow River bridge project by Shanghai Light Language lighting Design Co., Ltd. and Shanghai New Torch electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. respectively as lighting design consultants and project contractors.

Project application: Philips Vaya Flood RGB BCP417, Philips Vaya Flood MP RGB BCP414, Philips Vaya Flood LP RGB BCP411, Philips Vaya Linear MP RGB BCP424, Philips ZCX400 Multi-Protocol Converter loader, Philips SSLCTR LRC9627 Ethernet Keyboard (POE).