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UV curing market, the demand for electric vehicles to drive growth
- Nov 30, 2017 -

UV curing generally uses long wavelength, and if the high energy, then the surface curing agent will use shortwave long. Its advantages include low-temperature, low energy and fast processing, UV curing does not produce high fever, irradiated object temperature does not rise can also be completed curing and drying operations; The traditional heat curing takes more than a few hours of engineering, but UV curing only takes a few seconds to complete, and a lot of time to reduce waiting. 

and the tree ester light solid material divides into the free radical (radical systems) compound type and the cation type (cationic systems) Two kinds, formerly the market mainstream is the free base type, but this type will have the oxygen suppresses the solidification question, therefore very easy to appear the material bottom has cured, But the surface is still wet and sticky state. 

In recent years, the rapid development of cationic materials, it can not only enhance the tightness, but also film curing, can be in the operation without oxygen barrier. It makes up for the disadvantage of free radicals and is expected to expand the market of light solid materials. 

UV curing can be used in automotive, electronic products, communications, image art and other fields, while the United States in 2016 UV curing market accounted for the largest in North America, mainly driven by the demand for electric vehicles. According to market research, Tesla (Tesla) sells nearly 6,500 electric cars in the United States every month. 

UV curing technology used in the automotive industry for a long time, including car body or head lamp lens lens. Tesla also introduced its own UV-curing technology, increasing the exposure area to a square meter, effectively reducing energy consumption by 83%.

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