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How are urban lighting in different regions?
- Jan 18, 2018 -

Shenzhen City Lighting Legislative hearing opinion adopted

It is reported that the Shenzhen municipal government Legal office issued the "Shenzhen Urban lighting management measures (draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "method") Legislative hearing report, some of the hearings were adopted.

In order to strengthen urban lighting management, improve urban lighting environment and promote energy conservation, municipal Urban Management Bureau drafted "Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Urban Lighting Administration Method (draft)" sent to the municipal Legal Office for review. The municipal Legal Office has consulted the relevant government departments, each district government (including the new Area Management Committee), the relevant trade association and the Enterprise's opinion, and on the government website has consulted openly to the society; Micro-Credit public number held a network of legislative hearings.

According to the introduction, the network hearing mainly around the scope of landscape lighting needs to be limited? How to scientifically and rationally demarcate the scope? Should landscape lighting facilities be "designed, constructed and delivered at the same time" (three simultaneous) with the main project? How to implement the three concurrent requirements? How to save energy and environment for road lighting? and other issues.


The reporter learned that most of the hearing statements that the scope of landscape lighting needs to be limited, and reflect the local characteristics. In view of our city has promulgated the implementation of the "Shenzhen City Lighting Special Planning" (hereinafter referred to as "special planning"), the proposed landscape lighting range based on special planning to set. The hearing statement recognized the "three simultaneous" requirements of the landscape lighting facility and the main project, and considered that this provision could avoid duplication of construction and construction and waste of resources. As to how to implement the three concurrent requirements, the hearing of the statement that the need for planning, construction, urban management and other departments to cooperate.

At the same time, the hearing stated that the road lighting should be energy-saving and environmental protection, and recommended the promotion of the use of LED energy-saving lamps or remote control of the Internet street lights or hernia lamps, to replace the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp. There are also witnesses to the proposal to use the EMC Contract Energy management model, both to reduce government burden, but also to achieve energy-saving emission reduction purposes. Some of the witnesses suggested that the competent departments should reasonably control the opening and closing time of street lamps to ensure people's safe travel, but also to avoid light pollution.

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In response to the above observations, the "approach" is intended to identify important landmarks and nodes in the city, the main landscape corridor, important traffic portals and other key areas, should be in accordance with the requirements of the Special plan to set up landscape lighting facilities; To provide for the implementation of three concurrent construction projects, the land transfer contract should be made clear the three concurrent planning requirements of landscape lighting facilities. The Construction unit shall send the design plan of the landscape lighting facility to the competent department for technical advice, to act as the receiving element of the planning license for the Land department, and to specify the relevant content in the license; The competent department shall establish an intelligent control system for urban lighting, and realize the scientific switching lights and brightness control of the city lighting facilities, At the same time to promote the use of energy-saving, environmental protection of new lighting technology, new products and equipment, strengthen energy-saving propaganda and organize energy-saving training, to achieve green lighting and intelligent lighting.

Next, the Municipal Legal Affairs Office will continue to revise and perfect the method, and bring it to the municipal government for consideration as soon as possible. (Source: Shenzhen Special Zone newspaper)

Tianjin promotes night-view renovation and road illumination

In accordance with the overall principle of "glory, luster, and quality", Tianjin has created a group of lighting groups, and now has preliminarily formed a night scene network, the overall promotion of "Tianjin Eye" to the big Bright bridge 8 km night effect, but also string line, forming 63 kilometers of urban road boutique night lighting network. Reporter from the city Amenity Garden Committee was informed that the new year, the city will continue to promote the night scene transformation and road lighting upgrade.

According to the introduction, in the consolidation of the existing night lighting on the basis of the next, the city will further improve the overall landscape lighting planning, optimize landscape lighting layout, promote the use of "Internet +" technology, adhere to the green and bright, static and dynamic combination, so that the bright place to light up, the United States, should not be bright and not bright, to avoid light pollution, To make the benefit of the huimin is not disturbing.

At the same time, the improvement of the street Lamp Command and control center to achieve "a gate" management. Update and replace key areas, key roads 25,000 high energy-consuming high-pressure mercury lamps. Fill up the construction of 200 old community 4000-based street lamps, 30 lights are not bright road for rectification and promotion, and effectively put a road without lights, the problem of light does not solve good.

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Jiujiang City Five road 396 bar Street Lamp upgraded to LED

Recently, according to the Jiangxi Municipal party committee, municipal government on speeding up the construction of key urban construction projects in the center of Jiujiang, the document requirements, in the forward East Road, forward west, ten-mile River Landscape Road, Kowloon Street and the old road, such as Dragon Open 5 roads, the original high-pressure sodium lamp for lighting light source of the street lamp LED street lighting upgrade In particular, before the public reflected more of the ten-Li River, the dragon opened the old days of the light problem has been better improved.

It is understood that the renovation works from the middle of September 2017 construction, after three months of construction, has been completed according to the duration of the node requirements, the total transformation completed the number of street lamp total 396 pole. Through the transformation completely changed the past lamp aging, illumination and lighting uniformity, such as poor lighting effects, achieve the goal of improving the illumination of road lighting and reduce energy consumption, and is also the Jiujiang Construction Bureau municipal departments to create green energy-saving lighting and promote the use of urban LED lighting a practical measure.

Zhongqing Qianjiang District Strengthen city lighting

Zhongqing Qianjiang District tightly around the quality of urban construction, to serve the people's livelihood-oriented, from the "Construction, management, wisdom, new" Four aspects of urban lighting and light management, well-built urban night, for the "Quality City" luster.

This area takes the street lamp construction as the focal point, earnestly solves has the road no light question. Completed G65 South Interchange, Party school Loop, sewage treatment plant outside 5 new Road street lamp construction. Strengthen lane and other cities "no light area" construction, completed 14 Lane street lamp Construction and transformation, the new installation of 657 lights. At the same time, the area is also in the lighting planning to do a full article, completed the "Qianjiang Old Town landscape lighting planning" "Qianjiang Old Town landscape lighting master Plan" "Qianjiang Old Town landscape lighting detailed planning" and other lighting special planning, with forward-looking planning to promote urban lighting facilities landscaping construction.

strengthen supervision and maintenance to upgrade the operating level of facilities, daily inspection, establish inspection records, the implementation of the Taiwan-account management. For the failure of street lights in accordance with "that is bad" way to repair quickly, a total of lighting lighting 10400 times, handling the control box failure 90, processing fault cable 238. At present, the lighting rate of Qianjiang City Road illumination is up to 98%, the rate of urban road lighting is 97%, and the intact rate of urban landscape illumination is 96%.

In the area of urban lighting, the intelligent management is carried out, and the intelligent control system of street lighting is completed, and 11 control devices are installed in the Urban Intelligent lighting control system. Building lighting Remote Control system, the implementation of remote control, intelligent management, fault alarm and remote diagnosis and maintenance of rapid response, greatly improve the level of intelligent lighting management. At the same time, the area will integrate lighting intelligent control into digital urban management platform, and actively participate in intelligent city construction to promote the development of industry intelligence.

This area insists on innovation Drive, promotes the city illumination management to raise the quality to increase the efficiency. vigorously promote low-carbon environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, safe and comfortable new LED energy-saving light source as urban lighting, in the Old City street lights in the transformation of all uses LED energy-saving lamps, a total of 8 road sections, LED street lights 105. At the same time, in the urban building lighting maintenance use LED light source. At the same time, the "government-led, market-oriented operation" principle, the proposed use of the Contract Energy Management (EMC) to attract social capital to participate in the transformation of urban LED street lighting construction, and strive to achieve a new leap in light construction management.

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Anju Urban LED street lighting transformation Smooth

"Recently, the streets of Anju are much brighter than before," he said. Originally, this is the Sichuan Mianyang urban area LED street lamp energy-saving transformation produces the effect. LED street lamp with environmental protection, energy-saving, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics, can save more than 70%. Up to now, Anju City Haiko Road, Branch Hing Road, Riverfront Road, such as more than 30 road lights have been rebuilt and put into use, a total of retrofitting the installation of 1267 LED street lights, installation of single lamp controller more than 1200 units.

Urban LED street lighting Energy-saving renovation project started, Anju District Urban Management Bureau in accordance with the scheduled construction plan and transformation plans, reasonable to determine the specific transformation of road sections, timing and number of lights, a solid advance progress in the project. In order to ensure the quality of street lamp installation, street lamp lamp and light pole of the overall aesthetic and coordination, the relevant person responsible for the project and the successful service to coordinate several times, and strive to achieve the perfect results. and to test the illumination and the light decay degree of LED street lamp in the reconstructed Road section to ensure the quality of the LED street lamp energy-saving retrofit installation.

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