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Shandong will improve the management level of city street lamp Management organization
- Jan 25, 2018 -

Street lighting is not only the display window of city image, but also an important index to measure the level of urban modernization construction. 2018 Shandong Province "two sessions" period, CPPCC, Shandong Choulans Apparel Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Jianmin in the proposal, with the construction of the city and the passage of time, urban street lamp construction increasingly exposed many problems. How to complete the maintenance in time after the construction, how to adjust the corresponding sections according to the development, how to realize the energy-saving transformation and so on, we need to fully consider.

Problem: Urban street lamp construction planning needs to be put into place

On the problems existing in the construction of urban street lamps, Wu Jianmin said that the construction, planning and transformation of urban street lamps should be included in the annual plan of urban road construction and need to be implemented together. But most city street lamp construction plan is relies on the construction administrative department to do the road Special Plan, and did not arrange the street lamp construction to the special plan. City street Lamp Construction and management work, is from the architectural design, the greening design, the planning design and the electrical design synthesis work, then needs many organization various departments to unite together, the common labor. The actual situation is that most of the city street lamp construction lacks the specialized plan also lacks has the street lamp construction and the management professional.

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Wu Jianmin said today's development can rely on large data statistics, to understand the relevant road traffic, pass time, according to the entire system of data statistics to complete the transformation of street lamp construction, alternating lights, forming the number of people and street lights, brightness and so on, small section to achieve conservation of resources, large sections to ensure access to safety This must require the government to increase the emphasis on street lighting construction and Urban road, at the same time, to ensure the integration of road construction and maintenance, fundamentally to ensure the quality of street lighting, easy maintenance of follow-up management and switching. "Lighting and decoration balance", "road there are many lights on how many" principle in the construction of street lamps must be done.

Thinking: rational distribution of street lamp underground line trend

Wu Jianmin that the underground pipeline is to ensure the survival and sustainable development of the supporting system for the city to provide essential material operation conditions, street lamp underground pipeline is one of the city "lifeline." But because the underground pipeline belongs to the concealed project, it usually lags behind the urban planning and construction management, especially the street lamp lines arranged on both sides of the road, some old districts are especially serious, the far-reaching of water, power, telecommunication, heat, TV and so on, will add the burden to the later maintenance management.

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Wu Jianmin suggested that the installation of underground corridors can gradually be introduced, although the cost is higher, but through reasonable planning and excellent product quality to improve the use of life, can be raised to a certain extent, the economic benefits of the corridor can be managed at the same time a variety of professional pipelines, to solve the street lights and other underground lines

Suggestion: Improve the management level of city street lamp Management organization

According to the management level of city street lamp management, Wu Jianmin that, especially in the remote areas, the street Lamp management department did not put the management system into place, the maintenance staff did not do regular patrol, only rely on the masses to report the troubleshooting, and eliminate the failure timely.

"When road construction and road planning are completed, the public must report to the responsible departments in time to facilitate acceptance and maintenance and management work smoothly." Wu Jianmin said that once the problem is found, the construction side can take corrective measures in time to avoid the cable mass damage, shock personnel and equipment road underground pipeline blind construction phenomenon. After the completion of the construction, to regularly carry out the maintenance of urban streetlights, street lights will be transferred to the Maintenance Management department. The related maintenance, management and power parts of street lamps are drawn from the extra cost of road management.


"The construction and management of urban street lamps is a systematic project, it is related to the appearance of a city's overall look, and even to a certain extent, it also affects the development of a city's economic construction." "Wu Jianmin suggested that as the city street lamp managers, should strive to conscientiously maintain and effectively manage street lighting equipment; Government personnel should strengthen the implementation of street lighting facilities related to management measures, appropriate to take some improvement of street lighting conditions of High-tech products, so as to improve people's quality of life, and further promote the development of society; Also want to do to automatically protect the lighting equipment, for the harmonious development of society to make a modest effort.

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