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Classroom lighting and illumination testing in 65 primary and secondary schools in Changsha
- Feb 05, 2018 -

February 1, Hunan Province, the quality of goods supervision and Inspection Institute of Hunan Normal University school classroom lighting and lighting on-site testing, through this activity, further promote the national mandatory standards gb7793-2010 "secondary and primary school classroom lighting and lighting hygiene standards" implementation, To promote the light Environment improvement project experience in primary and secondary school classrooms, and protect the general students ' health with eyes.

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"Glare value is too large to cause loss of energy, students look at the blackboard will not see clearly, and glare reduction can effectively alleviate visual fatigue." "Field staff told reporters that the classroom lighting should not only be" bright ", and that the" standard ", glare values according to national standards requirements ≤19, classroom lighting also has relevant national policy, the desk illuminance and illumination uniformity should not be less than 0.7 to meet national standards.


It is understood that 2017 to date, the Provincial Quality Inspection Institute should Changsha Education Bureau invited to assist in the Changsha primary and secondary school classroom lighting reform effect test acceptance. A total of 75 classrooms in 65 primary and secondary schools were tested, and the effect of lighting renovation in the classroom was fully understood through the field comparison test and light fixture test before and after the transformation, and the simulation test of the field actual test and the distribution curve was verified comprehensively. It provides high standard inspection and inspection service and technical support for Changsha primary and secondary school classroom lighting renovation design and acceptance.

IP65 Waterprool UL LED Panel Light White Highting

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