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The German Institute shows the latest UV LED, and the reliability is further enhanced
- Apr 18, 2018 -

With the increase of efficiency and output power and small size, UV LED is used in more and more applications, including disinfection of water, air and surface, and curing of synthetic materials. The UV LED can quickly switch and adjust the light, and the heat dissipation is effectively distributed through the radiator. Unlike mercury lamps, UV LED is composed of nontoxic substances, and their wavelengths can be adjusted flexibly within a wide spectrum range.During their development, a mechanism of degradation was discovered: during the first few hours of operation, the migration of hydrogen in the UV-B LED structure will happen, which will be accompanied by the decrease of the optical power of the device.

After the corresponding design adjustment, the L50 service life of 8000 hours UV-B LED can be made. The optimization of the device has made the reliability of LED further improved, and the life of L50 is expected to be prolonged significantly. In addition, the output power at 350mA can be increased to 30mW.

The UV-LED lighting system has three different wavelengths. Their luminance and intensity can be adjusted individually, and the optimal irradiation is determined for the plant secondary metabolites of diverse structures.At the conference, FBH scientists will also show a compact diode laser source for deep ultraviolet spectrum. The emission wavelength is 222 nm, and LED is hard to achieve in this area. The device converts light of high power diode laser based on gallium nitride into UV spectrum and may be miniaturized by frequency doubling (one way). Narrowband wavelengths with stable wavelengths are especially suitable for spectral applications, such as absorption and Raman spectroscopy, which can be applied to medical diagnosis and material analysis.

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