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LED lamp short circuit hidden dangers, Volkswagen will recall 700 thousand SUV
- Aug 23, 2018 -

According to industryweek website, Volkswagen said in August 20th that it would recall 700 thousand SUV worldwide. The company warned that if the lights installed on these SUV skylights are wet, there may be a short circuit. The heat generated by the short circuit will damage the roof and cause fires in extreme cases.

A spokesman for the company told Deutsche Press that the potential impact was the new generation of Touran and Touran models produced before July 5 this year.

Kfz-Betrieb, a German industry magazine, reported that the heat generated by short circuits could damage the roof and, in extreme cases, cause fires.

The spokesman said Volkswagen was still working on repairs, but hoped the tests would be completed "soon" so that customers could bring their cars in for repairs.

At the same time, owners can continue to use their vehicles unless they notice signs of circuit shorts, including inactive ambient lights or signs of burning.At the end of July, Volkswagen said it might be forced to recall 124,000 Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche electric cars because of the use of the carcinogenic metal cadmium in its batteries.

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