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Why there is no street lights on the highway?
- May 12, 2017 -

I believe that many partners should have the same experience, the car at night on the highway, but can only see a dark black ink around, in addition to car lights and road signs, basically do not see other light, people blame No sense of security. Why is there no street light on the freeway? Is the street light safer?

In fact, in general, the highway in addition to the important bridge and tunnel, are not installed street lamps. The following small West to give you analysis and analysis why the highway does not install lights.

The safety factor of the highway is high

Pro, have seen the night walkers and non-motor vehicles like in the city streets come and go? No! Because the highway does not allow pedestrians and non-motor vehicles, do not allow motorcycles, tractors, tricycles, no 15 seconds on the 80 yards of the car is not on.

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Installation of street lights is not for the safety and convenience of vehicles (because the car has headlights), but for non-motor vehicles and pedestrians safe and convenient. And the highway and the city road service function is different from the city road not only vehicle traffic, and non-motor vehicles, pedestrian intensive, so there are street lights; highway is connected to the city and city, city and village outside the city road, Motor car and pedestrian. Therefore, the general highway without street lights.

In addition, the highway pavement is very flat, no obvious pits, road conditions to maintain a better safety factor higher.

Pavement reflective signs meet the needs

Is it more safe and convenient for drivers to install street lights on the freeway? The answer is no, oh

Street lighting is not continuous, uneven. For high-speed vehicle drivers, this alternating light and dark will cause visual error (illusion), very dangerous. In addition, it will soon cause eye fatigue. And street lighting is poor, and is scattered light, will make long-distance driving in the driver dazzling, resulting in driving safety risks.

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That there is no street lights, the driver at night how to do on the highway?

When the outside lighting is insufficient, the vehicle headlamps can provide safer lighting for the driver. Because there is no barrier to the car, the night can drive high beam (the drive must be very experienced friends). This is also the reason why some drivers like to turn on the lights (high beam) even when driving on bright streets ... (of course, this is a bad driving habit).

luxsky lighting 3.jpg

Vehicle night driving, perfect road signs and reflective signs fully meet the needs. At night, in the car under the strong light of the headlights, traffic signs on the reflective film will be light reflection, illuminate the road, and can be a variety of traffic signs clearly reflected in the eyes of the driver, enough to complete the direction of the guide function.

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Cost is not low, management trouble

China's total mileage of more than 100,000 km highway, the whole section of the installation of street lamps, must be a small sum of money. And the highway traffic flow is too random, in order to a small number of vehicles across the board to install the street, is bound to cause a huge waste of energy. In addition, the highway through the province, the sections of the sub-section power supply and management is also a difficult problem.

In luxsky lighting 4.jpgsummary, the installation of street lights on the highway is not necessarily scientific, nor energy. Although the high safety factor of the highway, pro who still need to be careful at night Oh.


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