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Our Country Will Use Laser For The First Time On The Street Lamp To Test
- Sep 15, 2017 -

According to the news, the lighting test plans to be carried out in China next month using lasers as light sources may be the first in the world, and the goal of this initiative is to save energy and reduce the expensive cost of wiring infrastructure. 

It is reported that David Ho and Jin Jing Company (Jinjing Co.) New lighting technology has been developed in Fuzhou, Fujian province, to be tested in neighboring Fuqing this month. 

The technology uses Blu-ray laser beams for long-distance power transmission without the need to use powerline. When a laser beam hits a device that uses an inductive quantum (quantum-induced) material, the laser energy can be converted into light to illuminate. 

Some depots, like Mercedes-Benz (Benz) and BMW have already used similar techniques in headlights. But the purpose of the experiment in China is to develop streetlights and expressway lighting applications, or to places where power plants cannot supply electricity. 

Some researchers, such as the UC Santa Barbara, Steven Denbaars, have been studying in this area for several years, theoretically, laser lighting can achieve very high efficiency compared to LED lighting, and the principle is that the Blu-ray light of the laser light-emitting diode will run through the fluorescent phosphor material in the headlamps. and converts it into a diffused white light. 

"Laser lighting will be an important solution to energy conservation and emission reduction in the future," said David Ho, a nuclear science doctor. This dream will come true soon.  

Laser test of Jin Jing Company lab 

Laboratory tests in China have shown that this technology can save 2/3 of the energy consumed by LED lighting and that solar panels can be used to power the system. The use of laser beams to transmit electricity will reduce the need for power lines and associated support infrastructures. 

The technology of laboratory testing will be optimized and commercialized for a while. It is expected to be produced in about six months. 

David Ho said early investors in the technology were venture capital companies in Fujian and Jiangsu province. 

After the Fuqing test is completed, the streetlight system will be installed in Fuzhou Luoyuan County. 

The design of the system has been patented in China and is now applying for more patents in China and other countries. 

David Ho says the hurdles that must be overcome before the system is launched include lowering the cost of the laser diode. Regulatory standards, tend to follow the current LED lighting regulations, on public safety and environmental hazards in accordance with the current U.S. ANSI Z136.1 Laser safety specification. 

If the laser lighting system is commercially available, it will replace LED lighting for decades, says David ho. 

He hopes the technology can be used more widely in homes, basements, parking lots and where lighting is needed for 24 hours.