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Blu-ray Led Supply And Demand Gap Is So Big!
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Although the possibility of exceeding the order (overbooking) is not excluded, the April-May performance of the crystal power should be good. This year, the industry's variable is the three photoelectric and other land-owned plants continue to expand production, estimated August capacity, whether to restart the LED price pressure, still remains to be seen.

The 2017 Taiwan International Lighting Technology exhibition was unveiled yesterday Zhou Mingjun to the first half of the market to good news, the TV backlight goods peak season, as well as LED lighting demand, crystal March revenue has been reflected, April-May performance should not be too bad, due to the gap between supply and demand to expand to more than 30%, Blu-ray led price closer to stabilize, The crystal Power has the bargaining chip to pick the single, and has already reflected the price for the specific product moderately

Zhou Mingjun pointed out that the current level of the inventory is not high, although not ruled out because too lack of the possibility of causing overbooking, but the larger reason is that the demand is improving. However, Zhou Mingjun also warning, the mainland led factory capacity continued to open, three Ann, Huazan, the Australian-China Shunchang synchronous expansion, the current procurement equipment, expected after 3-4 months of good rate adjustment period, August may gradually release new capacity, because the production time point has gradually entered the end of the peak season, then there may be a blue led price formation pressure.

Zhou Mingjun to four yuan led application is relatively optimistic, refers to the four yuan led has patents and environmental issues (phosphorus and arsenic), relatively depressed manufacturers of the expansion of operations, land-owned factory mainly in the small-spacing display of red LED expansion, belongs to the relatively low order of the market, overall, four yuan LED is not easy to face the situation of overcapacity. Including red LED, IR and Vscel are four yuan of the machine production, crystal Power has the ability to modify equipment to meet the market Take-off point.

Crystal Electric current four yuan led revenue proportion Tatsu $number, the car with an IR led accounted for $number, although the application surface continues to grow, but in high-end car market this piece of certification time is long, four yuan to break through 30% of the iron plate area to see whether the products continue to pull up.

Part of the Blu-ray, though the price of illumination continues to fall, but backlight and lighting is still a large demand, crystal power can not give up, in the medium and long term, the crystal will disperse production capacity to non-led applications, including Vcsel, CSP applications, the past mainly used in the light and mobile phone flash, the recent TV also began to use, Korea, Mainland manufacturers have adopted, the crystal electricity will expand CSP capacity in accordance with market conditions.