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The Products Aging Testing Of The Led RGB Strips Lights
- Apr 26, 2017 -

A order from Australia customer, 5M/roll, RGB LED strips,5050 LEDs, 

the products aging testing in our factory, 

 Part No.Color  Dimension  LED Qty Voltage Power Lumen±5% PCB IP Rate
 LS-05-F50-WW/NW/CW-150Warm/Natural/Cool-White 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-R/Y/B/G-150 Red/Yellow/Blue/Green 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-RGB-150 RGB Color/Multip Color 10mm*5000mm 150Pcs DC12/24V 36Watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-WW/NW/CW-300Warm/Natural/Cool-White 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-R/Y/B/G-300 Red/Yellow/Blue/Green 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20
 LS-05-F50-RGB-300 RGB Color 10mm*5000mm 300Pcs DC12/24V 72watts
 White IP20

Showing the live photos of aging testing as follow:




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